segunda-feira, 26 de setembro de 2011

(Not) Still Picture

20 Maio 2006

An abnormal cliff, of curious shape.
Suddenly, movement!
An unexpected (h)earthquake (are they ever expected?).
Silence. And then, a single tear bleeds the ocean with anguish. Waves made of pure storm break into once eternal rocks. Tears of acidic antiquity tame affluents vowed to oblivion, to refill a river of grief. At the river bank, dark thorns, forms of life that feed on envy. And among such decay, a unique flower of unspeakable beauty and unknown scent, struggles for affirmation, struggles for vitality, struggles for surviving... I strecht my arms (oh, the feeling of impotence!) but I'm blinded by the light reflected by mirrors waved by shadows. "Depart"!
Blindfolded by spider webs, exhausted of running without leaving the same place, awe-struck to trying to understand, I am dragged to a cave entrance. Written with blood, two single words: Abandon hope...

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