segunda-feira, 26 de setembro de 2011

Pity (the sadness)

27 Agosto 2005 

Wandering through this world, invisible as a phantom, suffocated with mute screams, I gaze at mankind (not) trying to understand. Are my eyes cold, somber or sad? Are they cristal clear or just pale blind?
Look at them... Can you see?
I pity the rich, so convinced that money buys it all but always craving for more. The living proof that behind every face there is a tragedy...
I pity the poor, struggling to survive in a material world, living on the edge of despair.
I pity the hard working, slaves of time, never stoping... Eyes always open but seeing nothing of true relevance... Will they be rewarded someday?
I pity the lazy, stuck in apathy, without goals, living day by day...
I pity them all, and I pity myself...

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