terça-feira, 27 de setembro de 2011

Statues in the Storm

Julho 2006

A ray of light pierces through the shadow clouds. (the storm goes on)
The light is enough to allow me to see a rocky form in front of me. (the storm goes on)
A gargoyle... A gargoyle with broken wings... A gargoyle with broken wings and diamonds as eyes... (the storm goes on)
Hypnotized, I approach to gaze better to it's eyes. Lightning! And I saw something reflected in it's eyes. (the storm goes on)
It was not my reflection that I saw in those ancient eyes, but another statue, another rocky form somewhere in front of the gargoyle. (the storm goes on)
The blizzard gives truce and there it was! The shape of an angel immortalized in dark granite. (the storm wants to go on)
How can a statue looks so tired? Who created such wonder? It's the saddest angel I ever seen... (the storm wants to go on)
All becames clear in my mind. These statues are not here without a purppose. They are a symbol of something. (the storm wants to go on)
A staring gargoyle with diamond eyes and broken wings. A dark angel who's name is saddness. (the storm roars on)
Symbols of life, symbols of love. Condemned not to touch, condemned not to feel... (the storm roars on)
How long takes eternity? How much is forever? Can a storm be compared to time? Can statues move? Can I kiss you...? (the storm collapses over me)

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